Appointments with Dr. Grover

Make an appointment with our new online scheduler!

Please note, Dr. Grover has changed his Standard Wellness pricing for 2015. The pricing for the Annual Advanced Wellness Program is the same. Thank you  See update

Or call Dr. Grover's office at 303-355-2385

*Dr. Grover is out on Spring Break with family currently but will be back on April 6th.  Our office staff can help you with your medical needs and connect you with on-call physician if needed.  Thank you.

You can make an appointment via the online scheduler with:

  • Dr. Fred Grover Jr. M.D. 303-355-2385
  • Vasolab Heart Screening (Available on last Wednesday AM each month for Carotid Artery scanning, AAA screen, Echo and more) Or call our main number, 303-355-2385. 

    New patients please be sure to make appointment for 1 hour.  If we are unavailable when you call, leave a message with potential date/time and we will call you back within the day. If you need to cancel/reschedule, please call us or go on-line to cancel/reschedule within 24 hours. If you can't find a date or time that is available in online scheduler please let us know and we can often adjust our schedule to meet your needs. Thanks!!

    You can also book phone consults, virtual skype visit, and meet & greet appt via the online scheduler.

    Vasolab appts only need 20 minutes, unless doing an echocardiogram which is 40 min.

    New for 2015!  Dr. Grover is now offering hormone pellet therapy via BioTe.

    Please note that Dr. Grover does not accept insurance. You may submit the superbill/invoice he will print up for you for reimbursement to most plans except hmo's and Medicare. The fees/form page has information on how to submit a superbill to your plan.  Thank you!