Live your best!

Choose a Personalized Wellness Program to optimize your health!

Dr. Grover offers two programs to help you maintain wellness, and to help you manage any acute or chronic medical conditions in the out-patient setting. 

  • The Advanced Wellness Program, is our annual concierge plan, which includes primary care, prevention, hormone/nutrition optimization and quarterly prescriptive wellness game plans. This will be your best opportunity for achieving your best physical and mental edge. The cost is reasonable at $2500 year, and includes discounts for other services. Patients who have hormone imbalances and desire hormone restoration are required to join this program due to the expertise and monitoring needed to keep you in optimal shape. Learn more
  • The Standard Wellness Program is an a la carte plan giving you flexibility to do individual visits for primary care visits, integrative/functional medicine and wellness. Fees are $375 for an hour visit, $250 for 30 min or less. Annual Wellness exams/physicals and initial exams need to be an hour long. The Advanced Wellness plan will be the best deal for most patients, and is required for those who desire to do hormone balancing with Dr. Grover.
  • Both programs include management of acute and chronic medical conditions and provide a greater emphasis on prevention and integrative medicine approaches whenever possible.  Many franchise style hormone balancing centers will refer you out to primary care instead of taking care of things comprehensively under one roof, as I do.

Dr. Grover is happy to discuss in more detail at initial or follow-up visits to help you decide.  Additionally new patients can book a "meet and greet" 15 min visit to learn more about the practice and therapies with Dr. Grover for only 100 dollars. Please note our wellness programs are not insurance plans, but wellness plans.

The Advanced Wellness Program may be personalized for:

  • Hormone Balancing & Restoration (Sex, Thyroid, Adenal, Growth hormones)
  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight-Loss, including Hcg program.
  • Treatment of methylation disorders.
  • Customized to meet your individual needs, including all above or addtional components.

Why be well?

Wellness is one of the most cherished and important aspects of life. Without good health, life becomes challenging and quality of life is impaired. At a time when we face greater health risks and increasing physical and financial costs from illnesses,it makes more sense to be pro-active with your health, and to enlist a provider who is passionate about preventative medicine. Dr. Grover's goal is to identify risk factors early and address them before they become a problem. Occasionally this may be a missed opportunity even in the best of circumstances, but there are often other pro-active interventions that can be made to reverse damage, or prevent further illness from occurring. 

How to Live your Best, an Integrative Approach

Treatment of the whole body, mind and appearance are critical if you want to optimize your health. Dr. Fred Grover has developed a dramatically new and improved health care model that focuses on:

  • High Quality Pro-active Primary Care—Dr. Grover not only provides care for acute and chronic health conditions, but also provides cutting edge preventative counseling and testing. He also blends his expertise in Integrative Medicine (East/West medicine), Anti-Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Mind/Body, Functional Medicine and Aesthetic Skin Care services to assist you more globally in your wellness. We are not aware of any other Colorado Physicians that have triple board certifications including Family Medicine, Anti-Aging, and Holistic Medicine.
  • Personalized Care—Visits are typically 30 to 90 minutes. • Availability of Online Consultations, Home Visits, and Phone Consultations— Dr. Grover also uses a electronic medical record allowing him to monitor your condition more effectively. 
  • Evidence Based Approach- Dr. Grover is an Assistant Clinical Professor wit the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine. His prior and ongoing academic involvement, gives him the opportunity to review and recommend therapies which show the greatest evidence of benefit to you.
  • Unique Patient Centered Model of Care via the Advanced Wellness Program which includes advanced preventative counseling, expanded scope of care and direct access at a very reasonable price. Other concierge plans in town offer very basic services and limited coaching. 
  • An Individual Visit Option—A Standard Wellness plan that allows you to pay a la carte for each visit.

Dr. Grover's exam room.

    RevolutionaryMD services include: Concierge MedicineIntegrative MedicineAnti-Aging MedicineFunctional MedicineBio-identical Hormone replacementThyroidAdrenal balancing, Treatment ofPerimenopauseMenopauseAndropauseLow TSubclinical hypothyroidismMTHFRBotoxJuvedermLaserIPLPhotofacial,PEMF,Lumiwavesound chair therapies in DenverColorado, also serving Englewood, Castle Rock,Lakewood, Aurora, Westminister, Broomfield, Golden,Boulder, Evergreen, Colorado Springs, and out of state clients.