Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy / PEMF

What can PEMF do for you?

PEMF overview on Dr. Oz show 2011

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Theory and Rationale Behind PEMF Therapy 

All living organisms need electromagnetism to survive and thrive.

Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) or magnetic resonance is a relatively new therapy which demonstrates impressive efficacy as a stand alone or complementary therapy to ongoing treatments for pain and many other conditions.

There is much more to our electrical body that’s beyond comprehension of the scientific community. We are making progress by being able to electrically map the brain (QEEG), the heart (EKG and EPP), neural conduction (EMG) and by using PET/MRI to image the brain and other structures.  

Interestingly acupuncturists have been mapping the electrical body and balancing meridians, thus improving Qi (body energy and balance) with over 2000 years of success.  Pemf therapy also balances the meridians, but in a more global fashion.

Dr. Grover has researched concepts and modalities in energy medicine, and is convinced that magnetic resonance plays a vital role in our health and wellness. He now includes this therapy in his practice to provide an additional healing modality. He is one of only a few MD clinicians that provides PEMF therapy in Denver, Colorado.

Our office uses the clinically proven, world leading manufacturer MediConsult’s iMRS (“intelligent magnetic resonance system”), a Swiss-German-engineered pulsed electromagnetic field therapy by Swiss Bionics. The iMRS can help you regain your health and turn back the clock. This therapy complements any existing ongoing medical therapies, lifestyle, or nutritional programs.
The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) or magnetic resonance produced by the iMrs, helps reduce pain, oxygenate cells, support the healing process, in a natural and very effective manner.

Additional benefits of our device include the copper coil technology, bio-rhythmic program, and ability to add powerful modalities of heart rate variability (HRV) and LED photic stimulation for deeper healing.

iMrs System by Swiss Bionics

The iMRS energizes cells with healthy pulsed frequencies working in an anti-inflammatory fashion, as well as countering toxic EMFs in our environment. EMF smog is all around us every day, everywhere we go. It originates from cell towers, Wi-Fi transmitters, cell and cordless phones, High-Definition televisions, monitors, laptop computers, microwaves and especially in our vehicles. EMF smog may be contributing to various disease states. Just as smoking was felt to be harmless, we may find that our EMF laden environment is not as benign as many currently believe.
It turns out (much like the discovery of both good and bad cholesterol), that certain EMFs are actually good for us. In fact, we can’t live without them. As a result, much research has gone into refining pulsed EMF therapy and the results are impressive. Over 1500 studies have been performed on PEMF, and the use of it as a healing modality in Europe is mainstream. In the US it is an emerging therapy showing rapid growth.

If you would like to try PEMF therapy in Denver under the guidance of Dr. Grover please book a 30min appointment or call our office at 303-355-2385. You can can also email us at: info@revolutionarymd.com if q's.

We can also assist you in ordering or renting an iMrs system through our practice which gives you the benefit of Dr. Grover recommending the best protocols and setting for your condition. You can also see him in consultation for more advanced coaching on combining PEMF with other therapies to help optimize your outcomes.

Learn more about this therapy and review articles at pemf.com   We also now have Ondamed therapy available at the office provided by Alexandra in our office.  This can complement the Swiss Bionic PEMF therapy as well.  Learn more

Thank you.

Fred Grover Jr. M.D.

Additional images of iMrs


Mat, probe, and pad (not to scale)

iMore, Heart Rate Variability monitoring

iSLRS for LED photic entrainment with music, coordinated with the iMrs therapy to balance brain wave activity while running magnetic resonance protocol/PEMF program.

PEMF Denver Colorado iMRS Denver Colorado Energy Medicine Denver Colorado

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